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Naturally, when we think of Christmas we think of over-stated, over the top, over-crowed decorations. Everything is loud, nothing really matches and your lovely home decor is completely overshadowed by the Christmas chaos

It's a beautiful time of the year, and there's no reason why the decorations cannot match the rest of your decor. But it's far easier said than done, but with so many Christmas decorations with all sorts of colours, it's hard to create an under-stated look.

Well, that's where whites and lights come in. 

We know what you're thinking. 'That's not Christmas, it's too boring!', well, we are here to tell you to re-think your decorating habits. White is still really Christmassy (think of the white Christmas that never actually happens here in the UK), and is the perfect primary colour. 


White ornaments, baubles, flowers, candles and lights are the ultimate way to achieve the simplicity that will match your interior

Crystal & Silver: 


Christmas is all about glitter; you can never have too much of it. We know you won't be able to resist some sparkle, it is Christmas after all! Silver is about to become your favourite colour. Add plenty of silvers to your decorations and you will have a bit of magic that will blend perfectly. Or, if glitter really isn't your thing (we know there are some of you out there!) then you can opt for a subtle decorate approach through the use of crystal. It's plain, yet decorative and will compliment a white theme beautifully. 

Chrome and gold:

Now, you will be pleased to know that 'all-white' doesn't really mean that everything has to be white. The trick is to add colours that compliment a plain theme; chrome and gold do this perfectly. It's a great way to add the traditions you love, without drowning out the plain theme. 


The best way to brighten up your decorations, without adding too much. is to use lights with a warm colour. White lights with white decor may be too harsh, but warm lights will soften the decor and make a far more homely look

So there you have it, a truly white Christmas (we can't rely on the snow now can we!?) 

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