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Christmas is all about tradition. Naturally, we are guilty of pulling out the same old decorations box each year, just to make it feel like a 'real' Christmas. But it would come as no surprise if the mismatch tree sticks out like a sore thumb in your the midst of your elegant interior.

There's no reason why your decorations can't still feel Christmassy, as well as complimenting the style of your home. Often, we associate decorating for Christmas with the brightest colours we can find (none of which compliment each other!). But you can still have a traditional, Christmassy decoration using pastels, neutrals and shine that is slightly more subtle than the loud tinsel you are used to using.

Not convinced? Still feel yourself itching to get down the Christmas box that is buried in the depths of your loft? 

Here's some inspiration to persuade you to decorate your home with 'vintage elegance' this year.


The absolute key to Vintage Elegance is to make silver your primary colour. Starting with a simple, plain base adds elegance, which can be layered upon to add vintage character. 

Make sure large decorations are silver, your lights have a white cord with a warm coloured bulb and you will have the perfect start to your theme. 


Deep purples are the perfect compliment to your silver base. Mix a range of purple, violet and dark pink's and an elegance is naturally created. 

Natural, pastel colours create a serene atmosphere within your decor and create fabulous sophistication as a result. 


Too much silver and purple can take away from the softer feel and create a look that is too 'busy'. Add in whites and you can have the best of both worlds; colour and simplicity. 

Whether you opt for white lights or white decorations, a little bit of plain acts at the perfect balance to your elegant look


Use of floral design elements is the most important decoration when it comes to vintage elegance. Pretty, decorative and subtle they offer the desired look with little effort. 

Simply creating flower arrangements, using pastels and purples, or placing them in your tree you can achieve an expensive look at a low cost

Mix complimenting colours, creating a contrast of soft and dark, add silver for sparkle and you have a beautiful, simple arrangement

So there you have it, a few little shopping changes and you can turn your old-fashioned, dated Christmas into one that is modern, yet beautifully elegant.

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