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Peanut butter, great. Chocolate, great. But together? Mixed and spread on top of a delicious vanilla cupcake. What could be better?

These cupcakes are full of crunch, flavour and yep you guessed it... are as sickly as you would want them to be!
        The finished result looks great fun and would be the perfect treat for a children's birthday party (or an adult one too!). They are super easy to make and the ultimate cake for the messy baker (you don't have to worry about your icing skills here, the fun topping hides it all anyway!).

So where to get started?

The good news is that while these cupcakes make look super impressive, they are actually really basic. The cupcake itself is just your plain, old cupcake recipe. We got ours from here. But as we are talking peanut butter cupcakes here, feel free to opt for a peanut butter cupcake recipe like this one

What's different about these little delights, is the all important icing. Usually, peanut butter cupcakes combine peanut butter with icing sugar to get the peanut flavour. We say that's nowhere near as indulgent as we would like it to be! Mix it with chocolate instead. 

Chocolate icing is super easy to make, give it a go with this simple recipe. Or, you can be lazy like us (we just had leftovers okay!) and use the good old Betty Crocker chocolate fudge icing

For this recipe you will need half a tub. Or, for those of you making your icing at home 395g. 

Next up, the peanut butter. 

5-6 teaspoons of natural peanut butter needs to be mixed in with the chocolate icing. It is worth bearing in mind that the peanut butter really should be natural (made entirely of peanuts and nothing else), due to the excess oils making it mix better with the fudgey chocolate (yep that does taste as good as it sounds!). Keep tasting (the hardest part of the recipe right there!) until you think you have the perfect/peanut butter balance... 

Next add the icing into a piping bag. 

You want to use the biggest nozzle you have if you are using crunchy peanut butter with large chunks of nuts (we jammed a few of the smaller ones before realising this!). 

Like we said, don't worry too much about perfect icing. You're going to cover it with a lot of good stuff anyway! 

Finally, add your toppings. 

For this recipe, we used 2 packets of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups chopped up into messy pieces, but Reese's  Miniatures or Pieces would work great too! For a second topping we opted for M&M's peanut butter flavour. If you haven't had these already then you need to! If not, the original peanut m&m's would work well too!  

So there you have it... a truly sickly but great party treat. It's easy, fun to make and taste so much better than your average cupcake! 

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