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Good afternoon from a wet and windy day here at The Crafty Co. I can't think of a better 

way to spend it, sitting in the warm, working on a C2C square. I have recently found a 
wonderful blogger, who has created the most stunning Christmas Afghan. You can find her 
There are some amazing squares, that I am frantically working through in time for 
Christmas, but I wanted 12 so I have designed a couple of my own to finish the project.
One of my most vivid memories at Christmas, is seeing a Poinsettia sitting on my nan's 
table. I fell in love with this beautiful flower, and now continue this tradition in my own home 
for the duration of the festive period.  A fellow crafter also suggested a square with a 
Poinsettia and this was my inspiration for creating the square below

Please note: Instead of the traditional C2C method of using UK Term Trebles and chain 3's to make each pixel,  UK Term, HTR’s (Half Trebles) were worked and a 2 chain (and a 5 chain was worked on the increase instead of 6). This made the stitches on the afghan square smaller, with the overall square measuring approximately 15×15 inches. 

The graph is below and the row numbers are located at the start of each row so you know which way the rows are worked

Rows are worked as below

When working with any C2C graph, a top tip is to sew your ends in every few rows, so that they don't become tangled.I would love to see your pictures of my Pointsettia square and if you need any help, please message me me


We now have an Xmas Pudding Chart and instructions that you will find below

This is a fab design as there are not too many colour changes, so not as many ends to sew in (and that's always a good thing)

Chart and written instructions below 

If you would like to see one of your ideas in a chart for a square, please contact me for detail and as ever........

Happy Crocheting

The Crafty Co 


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