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What a way to completely waste an afternoon! So easy to make, but super fun and effective. All you need is icing, food colouring, marshmallows, chocolate buttons and chocolate chips… oh and some cupcakes.


The pig – these need a teeny bit of red food colouring for the icing (mine could have done with a bit more, it was sort of peachy instead of pink). Cut a marshmallow in half for the ears, use a whole one for the nose and use mini ones for the eyes, and then use the chocolate chips for the final details.

The cow is pure chocolate icing, a chocolate button with a corner cut off for the ears, mini marshmallows for the horns and the eyes and nose detail is the same as the pig.

The sheep are just plain vanilla icing, a white chocolate button quarter cut out for the ears, covered in marshmallows for the fur and again chocolate chips for the eyes.

The teddies can be made using any icing flavour and its features are made up entirely of milk and white chocolate buttons with chocolate drops for the little details.

Go on give them a try and tag me so I can see what animals you have tried!

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